A Fascinating Crystal – Chiastolite

Today, I am thrilled to share with you details of a crystal that I have recently discovered. Chiastolite  Chiastolite is a stunning crystal.  It exhibits a cross pattern in a  cross section. It may be brown or green with a black cross pattern. The meaning of its name comes from the Greek word "chiastos" meaning …

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The Rebirth of Grief

Tahlequah has finally let go, her ritual of mourning is completed. ❤

Celtic Soul Craft

Swimming With Tahlequah

Last night under a dark moon Tahlequah said her final goodbye to her calf. In her closing gesture, she let go. Maybe she glanced down as that little body disappeared into the dark depths. To us humans, the dark depths of the sea hold so many secrets, hold so many fears and unspoken experiences, things we shove away to the dark recesses. How do orca view the dark deep of the ocean for they cannot reach those depths.

Like them, we are emotional creatures, moved by the pull and release of the moon and go through our own emotional tides. All life came from the oceans and before that the stars. Last night in the final gesture of her ritual meteors rained down from a dark sky. Perhaps this great mother looked up or saw the falling light reflected on the water’s surface.

She carried her calf one…

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The Buddhist Teachings on Rebirth – Lion’s Roar

Have you ever wondered what the Buddhists mean by reincarnation? Learn from the experts by clicking the link below. You might be surprised by the answers. ❤ Moment to moment, lifetime to lifetime — death and rebirth are happening all the time. Nine leading Buddhist teachers explain the concept of rebirth. Source: The Buddhist Teachings …

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