Time marches on…

We can only hope we learn something as each year goes by.We age, of course, look for answers, seek wisdom, work, strive…To be happy, healthy, and whole.We want what’s best for our family and friends, truth be told.We look to the past to plan for the coming days,Not knowing how things can change in a …

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Interview with Colleen Chesebro!

I had a lovely visit with Jan Spina. Stop by and say hello! ❤



Collee Chesebro

Colleen M. Chesebro

Please help me welcome, author Colleen M. Chesebro to Jemsbooks Blog Segment, Interview an Author.

Welcome, Colleen. It’s lovely to have you here today.

Please step up on the platform – it’s all yours.

Please tell us something about yourself.

Hi, my name is Colleen Chesebro. I’m an Air Force veteran and a retired bookkeeper who loves to write paranormal stories, poetry, and novels. A few years back, I met an elemental being, I called the swamp fairy. Not only did this experience send me down a new life path, it also ignited my imagination. I even wrote book called The Swamp Fairy.

My writing career began when I was eighteen years old. I enlisted in the Air Force after graduating from high school as a Chapel Management Specialist. (Don’t ask me the year… it was long ago). One of my…

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Diving Into the Realms of Infinite Possibilities

Sue Dreamwalker invites us into the journey of the new dawn.   Diving into The Realms of Infinite Possibilities by Sue Dreamwalker in Awakening in the Sleepless Zone, Earth Changes, Mind Body & Spirit, Short Stories. Tags: Awareness, Earth Mother, Energies, Enlightenment, love,Mass Consciousness, meditation, Peace, Puzzle., The Woman, thoughts,transformation., Truth, Unity, world, Wormwood   The woman entered the silence once more, as she dived deeper into the realms of possibilities.  The pieces of the Jigsaw she …

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⭐️ Athena ⭐️ Graffiti Goddess

You must see these beautiful gown designed by Resa with Goddess Athena and Tarot Graffiti in mind. It is so exquisite! And read about Aquileana’s wonderful Greek mythology (Athena) and Tarot posts. These two ladies are so talented and stir up an incredible collaborative storm!

Art Gowns

Ever felt a fire to design an Art Gown for Goddess Athena, & cover it in Tarot graffiti?

If you have, I understand. We share a fascination for gowns, graffiti style street art, Tarot cards, and Greek Mythology.

It’s like 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.  Art Gowns + Mythology + Tarot = ⭐️ Athena ⭐️ Graffiti Goddess.

Aquileana from “La Audacia de Aquiles”, (where I’ve learned a lot about mythology) and myself are Scorpio and Leo. Including both symbols was a must. Yes, they are Astrology symbols. Tarot incorporates them all.

On 120 ” wide silver satin, intended for curtains, I painted ATHENA  in graffiti writing style.  Acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium was used, and heat set.

Then, the symbols were painted: Venus/Woman, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces, Third Eye, The Queens of Wands and Swords, an Owl,  Infinity, The Star & stars and Nine Pentacles on…

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Weekend Reading from Mystical Shaman Oracle

Image Credit: Healyourlife.com This weekend's inspiration card is called "FLOW." Remember the saying, "Go with the flow?" That is what this card is all about. Live in the moment and let it all happen. ❤ THE ESSENCE There is a natural movement of events in the world. You can see it in phenomena such as the …

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Weekly Tarot Card Reading- 30/04/18 – 04/05/18

1.  Ten Of Pentacles - MONDAY Some of you are going to be very lucky today. A pay rise, promotion, the culmination of a task or a creative endeavour. This card speaks of coming through trials and hard times and reaping the rewards of your labours. 2. The Four Of Swords - Beltaine The letting …

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