Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Your Universal Energy for October with Annette Rochelle Aben.

Our Sister of the Fey, Annette Rochelle Aben has the October numerology ready for us!

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October! Can you hardly believe that we have gotten to the final quarter of 2019 without killing anyone?

What do you mean, speak for yourself?

The whole basis of Numerology, is to use the numbers 1-9 to define the type of Personal Energy we are experiencing daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. So far, it’s been easy because our months have had numbers between 1 and 9. Now, we complete the calendar year with 3 months that we have to add numbers together to reach a number between 1 and 9. But it’s not quite that simple.

You knew I was going to throw a curve ball at this point, didn’t you!

We will begin where we are, with October. October, being the 10th month of the year, needs to be reduced by adding the 1 and the 0 together, which gives us a 1. Now, just because January lays…

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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – #Numerology with Annette Rochelle Aben – Your Monthly Universal Energy – March 2019

Our Sister of the Fey, Annette Rochelle Aben is a professional numerologist. Have a read and see what the numbers predict for March 2019. ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

To refresh those who may be new to this column…

Numerology may seem like an abstract concept to some but basically, it is the belief that everything can be converted to a number and that numbers have meaning that help us understand our world better. This dates back, to the sixth century B.C. when philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, introduced this information through his teachings.

I have been using numerology in my everyday life, since I was a little girl. All these years as a professional psychic reader, I unconsciously incorporate numerology into my readings. Much to the surprise of the recipients, they are amazed at the accuracy of the information.

So, if you want to delve further into this interesting world, contact me at innerchildart (at) yahoo (dot) com. I offer personal readings and classes!

Until then…

Welcome to March 2019 and all the wonders herein! I love this…

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