The Magic of The Dragonfly: Poetry in Motion

Red, Devil's needle, Or luck bringer with kind eyes? Ancient, sweet fellow, Sacred magic bestower, Change tumbling on fragile wings. I added the last line as the dragonfly has such a short life like the butterfly and change can be fragile unless we encourage and nurture it and learn to be our better self. Recently, …

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Imbolc, Brigid, & the Coming of Spring

One of my favorite celebrations (and there are many) featured on the Wheel of the Year is Imbolc or Saint Brigid's Day in the Gaelic tradition. This holiday is celebrated February 1st or 2nd of each year. I like to celebrate both days. In America, this is also Ground Hogs day and I've also heard …

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Time marches on…

We can only hope we learn something as each year goes by.We age, of course, look for answers, seek wisdom, work, strive…To be happy, healthy, and whole.We want what’s best for our family and friends, truth be told.We look to the past to plan for the coming days,Not knowing how things can change in a …

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A Fairy Child on the Brink of Womanhood

She dwells in secret, contemplating her destiny A mere child, but she's seen 1000 seasons. She lives forever in the mists of obscurity Immersed in nature, learning all the reasons For spring, summer, fall, winter for eternity. She grows slowly and knows Mother Nature; Her Mother, goddess, friend,  who nurtures Her to womanhood to become …

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Happy Summer Solstice: Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration Available NOW!

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE! I've planned this day out in my mind for over a year... Today, as a tribute to the Summer Solstice, my first book of poetry and short stories has become a reality. Fairies, Myths, & Magic ~ A Summer Celebration is now available on Amazon. From June 21st through June 27th, this book …

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Forging Our Luck – A Haibun/Tanka

An amazing Haibun/double Tanka poem. Pay close attention to the last Tanka in her Haibun. The universe is speaking to us, if we will only listen. ❤

Katja Rammer

It’s time for the weekly poetry challenge, brought to you by Colleen (77th installment.)
This week’s (non)prompt words were CHARM and TIME. I’ve done a lot of Tanka poems recently, but today I opted for the Haibun form, this time a double Tanka reflecting the prose. Enjoy!

DSC01376 Picture: Schiessentümpel waterfall, Mullerthal, Luxembourg; IR-June 2017

~Forging Our Luck~
The world’s prime attribute is to be a never ceasing flux, the future constantly changing, challenging old habits and notions. This is good. It’s how we evolve as human beings, as nations, as mankind.
At times, those currents run low and hidden from sight, working their magic on a subtle level like a river licking away its icy confines come spring. Slowly, but steadily.
At times, it’s less gentle.
At times, Something trips and the pent-up power of change breaks through and ripples the polished surface of established routines. With a vengeance, it forces us to assess…

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