What is Fairycraft, Part II

Last week, I shared the beginning of my journey following the path of the fairy witches. Please read Part I HERE. This week, I'll continue to share more of the concepts and beliefs found in the fairy faith. The book, “Fairycraft ~ Following the Path of Fairy Witchcraft,” by Morgan Daimler, has figured prominently in … Continue reading What is Fairycraft, Part II

The Buddhist Teachings on Rebirth – Lion’s Roar

Have you ever wondered what the Buddhists mean by reincarnation? Learn from the experts by clicking the link below. You might be surprised by the answers. ❤ Moment to moment, lifetime to lifetime — death and rebirth are happening all the time. Nine leading Buddhist teachers explain the concept of rebirth. Source: The Buddhist Teachings … Continue reading The Buddhist Teachings on Rebirth – Lion’s Roar