A Magic Gate In The City of Cambridge

On Saturday I was at a creative writing course in Cambridge run by artist Lyndell Phelps and poet, writer, producer Dan Simpson. It was a very warm day, perhaps too warm to be cooped inside writing. Luckily we were able to sit out in the warm sunshine for the second half of the writing day. On my … Continue reading A Magic Gate In The City of Cambridge

Meet M J Mallon (M J)

Hi, I'm Marje, otherwise known as MJ. Who am I? Which sister am I? I have never had a sister, sigh, but now I have Colleen, Debby, Adele Marie, Wendy, Belinda, Tina, and Annette. Isn't that wonderful? We are the seven-plus sisters, eat your heart out the seven dwarfs! I wonder who is Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, … Continue reading Meet M J Mallon (M J)