The Many Faces of Empathy | TINA FRISCO

Our Sister of the Fey, Tina Frisco has been out on an extended sabbatical. In her absence, I found an article on her author blog at Tina that explains what many authors experience. While you're there reading, please leave Tina a message. I know she will appreciate the connections. I look forward to her …

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What I Have Learned from Chronic Illness – Guest Post by, Tina Frisco…

Our dear Sister, Tina Frisco, shares her journey with chronic illness. ❤

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

The opportunity to learn presents itself more often than most of us recognize. We ignore or do not hear the knock on the door to our hearts and minds. We become outraged or sickened when engaging with or reacting to someone whose behavior strikes fear in us. We allow our attention to divert to the trivial when facing something that makes us uneasy. Yet everyone and everything we encounter is a mirror, a reflection of ourselves.

I have been off line for most of the past six weeks, coping with a flareup of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. When homebound and at times bedridden, it is a challenge to feel connected to the outside world and not slip into depression. I constantly have to remind myself that I am not alone. My shaman teacher told me this early on:

The first lesson of power is that we are alone.

The last lesson of…

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