Developing Your Psychic Skills

Developing Your Psychic Skills Karen Anna DeMers (Dowdall) Since this is my first post as a Member of The Sisters of the Fey I will tell you a little about my journey as an empath and other psychic traits. On the Zodiac Chart, I am a Cancer and until recently, I never studied … Continue reading Developing Your Psychic Skills

Meet M J Mallon (M J)

Hi, I'm Marje, otherwise known as MJ. Who am I? Which sister am I? I have never had a sister, sigh, but now I have Colleen, Debby, Adele Marie, Wendy, Belinda, Tina, and Annette. Isn't that wonderful? We are the seven-plus sisters, eat your heart out the seven dwarfs! I wonder who is Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, … Continue reading Meet M J Mallon (M J)